The Russian Revolution in Ukraine (March 1917 – April 1918) – Nestor Makhno

The Russian Revolution in Ukraine (March 1917 – April 1918)

Nestor Makhno

Part One

Dedication and Preface
Chapter 1: My Liberation
Chapter 2: Meeting with comrades and first attempts to organize revolutionary activities
Chapter 3: Organization of the Peasants’ Union
Chapter 4: Examination of the police files
Chapter 5: Re-election of the public committee; whether or not to get involved in it
Chapter 6: The role of teachers. Our work in the public committee
Chapter 7: The first of May. Relationship of the peasants to the land question
Chapter 8: The workers’ strike
Chapter 9: Some results
Chapter 10: Struggle against rent
Chapter 11: P. A. Kropotkin arrives in Russia. Meeting with Ekaterinoslav anarchists
Chapter 12: Kornilov’s march on Petrograd
Chapter 13: Struggle with the Counter-Revolution. Going to the villages
Chapter 14: Visit to the factory workers of Aleksandrovsk
Chapter 15: The Provincial Soviet makes advances to Gulyai-Pole

Part Two

Chapter 16: October coup d’état in Russia
Chapter 17: Elections to the Constituent Assembly; our attitude towards the party strife
Chapter 18: Provincial Congress
Chapter 19: Counter-Revolution of the Ukrainian Central Rada
Chapter 20: With the Left Bloc against the Counter-Revolution
Chapter 21: Armed peasantry go to the aid of the city workers; the Aleksandrovsk Revkom and the Commission of Inquiry
Chapter 22: Battle with Cossacks, negotiations, and an agreement
Chapter 23: My observations on the Left Bloc in Aleksandrovsk
Chapter 24: Suppression of the zemstvo territorial units; formation of a Revkom by members of the Soviet; search for funds
Chapter 25: How the exchange of goods between city and village was organized and how we struggled to make it work
Chapter 26: New members of our Group
Chapter 27: The agrarian communes; their organization; their enemies
Chapter 28: The successes of the German-Austrian armies and the Ukrainian Central Rada against the Revolution; Agents of the Counter-Revolution and the struggle against them
Chapter 29: Consolidation of the detachments; formation of a single Front with the Left Bloc
Chapter 30: Egorov’s urgent summons; the loss of our military sector

Published by Black Cat Press, Edmonton 2007. English translation copyright Black Cat

Press. The Nestor Makhno Archive has altered some spellings and corrected some typographical errors.

Source: Black Cat Press, 4508 118 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 2J1 CANADA,

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