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Dimitris Troaditis. “The First Anarchist Communist Publication in Greece”

Dimitris Troaditis. “The First Anarchist Communist Publication in Greece, Epi ta proso [Forward] in 1890s” In this article, Dimitris Troaditis examines the formation and the activities of the first Greek anarchist communist newspaper-collective “Epi Ta Proso” (“Forward”) in 1896. Also in brief the whereabouts of their “leading” figures after the dissolve of the collective-newspaper following […]

Dimitris Troaditis. “Anarchists and Radicals in 1890’s Patras”

Dimitris Troaditis. “Anarchists and Radicals in 1890’s Patras” In this article, Troaditis examines the transitional period between the appearance of the general socialist organisation Socialist Brotherhood and the forming of some clearly anarchist groupings. It’s a period that there is nothing remained from Democratic Association of the People (of 1870s Patras) as some of their members have […]