Felipe Corrêa (ed.). “Dossier: Contemporary Anarchism”

Felipe Corrêa (ed.). “Dossier: Contemporary Anarchism”

This dossier was carried out from a nearly two-year research, which aimed to analyze the resurgence of anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism and revolutionary syndicalism, which occurred worldwide between 1990 and 2019. With it, Corrêa reached very interesting results. A synthesis will be published as a chapter in the book Global History of Socialism, edited by Marcel van der Linden, under the title “The Global Revival of Anarchism and Syndicalism (1990-2019)”. In this dossier, the editor makes some sources of this research available, including books, texts, websites, videos and interviews, in different languages; he also makes some comments to guide the reading. This is not a complete list of everything that exists, but a set of sources through which I believe it is possible to understand contemporary anarchism. This will allow not only a more in-depth knowledge of the topic, but also that other researchers can use this material for further investigations.

* Read the Dossier here: Dossier Contemporary Anarchism

One comment

  1. Gracias, muy buen trabajo.

    Hoy en Twitter, un compañero comentaba que sería interesante intentar traducirlo al español.
    Yo no soy traductor profesional, ni tengo estudios relacionados, pero he vivido años en países de habla inglesa, y me ha interesado mucho el tema, no me importaría intentar traducirlo.

    La ídea sería traducirlo al español, y que vosotros lo editaseis para tenerlo en vuestra web.

    Thanks for the great job done.
    Today on Twitter, someone said that it would be interesting to try and translate to spanish your dossier. I’m not a profesional translator, I don’t have any studies on the matter neither, but I lived few years on countries that spoke english, and I’m very interested on the subject, I wouldn’t mind to try and translate it.

    My idea is to translate it into spanish, and then you could edit it and use it on your web (for many many people to reade it, the more the better.

    Anyway, thanks, and please let me know if maybe you are interested.

    Salut i anarquia!

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