Willie Harrell Jr. “The Social Anarchism of Lucy Parsons” / Casey Williams. “Whose Lucy Parsons?”

Willie Harrell Jr. “‘I am an Anarchist’: The Social Anarchism of Lucy E. Parsons”history
Casey Williams. “Whose Lucy Parsons? The Mythologizing and Re-Appropriation of a Radical Hero”,

In these articles, Harell Jr. and Williams discuss the history and legacy of Lucy Parsons. As states the former, “a determined advocate of socialism anarchism, Lucy E. Parsons believed that inequities in society stemmed from unequal power relations between government and the people. Parsons delivered powerful orations and had an enormous influence in world history in general and US labor history in particular. […] She maintained a staunch commitment to establishing and maintaining collective freedom and her allegiance was demonstrated by her perpetual critiques of any form of domination or subordination of the working class perpetrated by government. As the last put, “considering that the research on Parsons’ life has only just begun”, “with an understanding of how and why her history has been misshaped, a priceless opportunity exists to dig further into the records in an attempt to demystify Parsons’ life.” With both texts, IATH readers can know more about her beautiful history of struggle.

* Download the complete Herell Jr. article here: Willie Harrell Jr – The Social Anarchism of Lucy Parsons

* Download the complete Williams article here:  Casey Wiliams – Whose Lucy Parsons


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